Sunday, August 26, 2007

Candy Crochet

Craft:Blog featured these crocheted candies recently (pattern available on Etsy); inspiring a search for more sweets.

Rare Bird Finds has this playful candy heart scarf. I think I might even like the concept more as individual pins.

Finally, who could resist these donuts? Check out the artist's Flickr group - there's some really nice work.

Finished Hat

This hat came out beautifully. The yarn is really lightweight but warm. I think I might make the same hat for myself.

Here's my picky coworker modeling it. I so rarely get photos after giving something away - he was thoughtful enough to snap a picture while out camping. He was really happy with the result.

Sneak Peak

I've started my mammoth felting project. It's 36 inches wide and (when finished) will be about 38 inches tall. I have 35 inches more to go, so don't expect to see the final anytime soon! I'm sticking with a single color for the cream background, but will try to replicate those shades of blue, green, and purple on the mountain. My hope is that the felting process will blend any solid lines into subtle accents. Stay tuned.

This painting is by Willoughby Walling.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Return of the hat

I'm in a hat phase again. Baby hats, brimmed hats, adult hats. This work-in-progress is a gift for a very particular person, who has had a lot to say about color, shape, and sizing. I'm actually enjoying the pressure to make it perfectly right.

The yarn is rowan 4 ply soft (100% merino wool), which is a joy to work with. It's fairly fine, which is making the project more time consuming than normal, but it really is quite soft and has a nice stretchy quality that makes it great for a hat.

Etsy Finds

My latest Etsy purchase arrived in the mail this week. I love it - it's wonderfully crafty and aggressively edgy, all at the same time. I'd love to see a similar treatment with a crochet hook (or perhaps 2, crossed?). There are a lot of other designs well worth checking out, including wonderful baby clothes.