Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The hippo was difficult. I made 3 different versions before finally settling on this one. The secret is to make it thinner - the rounder the shape, the less definition the design has. This slimmed-down version inspired the final grid.

Here's the set. The size was surprisingly difficult to get right. A simple tube with a slight increase worked best (an increase of 4 sc total over the entire height).

I'll start at the end. Here's Bergen - a rediscovered friend from high school - with his coffee cozy. The original request was for a Pete's-sized cozy with a hippo on it (long story). It look a few tries to get it right.

My coworker Austin took this photo - you can see more of his work here.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Amigurumi Roundup

The theme: pop culture and fairy tales. Here's a sampling of the latest and greatest. From Geek Central Station, Princess Leia. From Simple Arts Planet, Rapunzel (check out her wedding dolls, too - they're really great). A smurf house in Delicious Crochet's photo stream. Finally, Maddie and Princess Fiona (the cat), on Karabout's flicker page.

New House

I'm finally moved in - my apologies for the delayed blogging; the move has eaten all my time. There are a few pictures left to hang, but that's really it. I reduced my overall space by at least 50%, but it's all fitting - barely. I did get rid of a lot of stuff, and it's much more densely arranged.

I had my first gathering for Easter - 8 people total. I think that's the upper limit of what I can fit indoors, but it definitely worked. I'm looking forward to summer days on the deck, enjoying the view.

It does feel like a major change, for the most part a good one. Grocery shopping is a bit more complicated, and I have to get in my car to get most things. But the ferry is a five minute walk away (and seriously, it's hard to beat taking a boat to work), there are oodles of restaurants, it's a great town to walk in, and the library is spectacular. And then there's the view. And the fact that instead of cars backfiring, I only hear birds in the morning.