Thursday, April 03, 2008

New House

I'm finally moved in - my apologies for the delayed blogging; the move has eaten all my time. There are a few pictures left to hang, but that's really it. I reduced my overall space by at least 50%, but it's all fitting - barely. I did get rid of a lot of stuff, and it's much more densely arranged.

I had my first gathering for Easter - 8 people total. I think that's the upper limit of what I can fit indoors, but it definitely worked. I'm looking forward to summer days on the deck, enjoying the view.

It does feel like a major change, for the most part a good one. Grocery shopping is a bit more complicated, and I have to get in my car to get most things. But the ferry is a five minute walk away (and seriously, it's hard to beat taking a boat to work), there are oodles of restaurants, it's a great town to walk in, and the library is spectacular. And then there's the view. And the fact that instead of cars backfiring, I only hear birds in the morning.


celia said...

Great views from your home!!!
Sometimes a bigger house is only more to clean and that new house of yours looks so comfortable and lovely! Love the photos!
Enjoy and I wish the best of living there!
It is a blessing to have a beautiful place to call home!