Sunday, December 10, 2006

Single Crochet Mesh Scarf

I just finished this (it's a Christmas present). I was trying to:
1) use a really thick, warm yarn - the future owner lives in a cold climate
2) finish this quickly
3) create something somewhat stylish and dressy
4) find an interesting stitch - I hate working row after row of single crochet
5) avoid the common problem of the scarf being super bulky (hence uncomfortable) around the neck

So there you have it. I'm pleased with the results. As intended, it's very comfortable to wear - the mesh allows it to clump together without getting too stiff.

I found this similar version in the MOMA store catalog a few days ago. Funny.


-Rachee said...

Hi Alicia!
I an working on this mesh scarf, (courtesy of the Crochet a day calendar for 2008!) but I am having trouble following the pattern; I am stuck on row 5. I am not sure I understand what it means to "ch 5 into next ch-5 arch. I will admit that I have trouble reading patterns but I can usually muddle through them. However I am at a lost.
Please help!
Thank you in advance.
BTW your blog is really neat.

Chris said...

I, too am working on your mesh scarf. I changed the ch5 into ch-5 arch in row 5 to 5 sc in ch 5 arch. Is that correct?
Also I'm having trouble going from row 6 to Row 3 for the pattern - could you clarify this?
I'm using TLC Essentials which is a worsted weight yarn and size K hook and the spaces are much larger then in your picture - should I be using a bulky weight yarn? I'd appreciate your input on this.
Thanx - Chris