Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Impossible Hat

I started the "Soft Brimmed Casual" a few weeks ago. I was diligent and made my swatch (it took a couple of tries - the yarn reference from 1947 is fairly oblique), and carefully counted and measured my rows.

Here's attempt #1:

As you can tell, it's a complete failure (as an adult hat; it's actually pretty cute for a toddler).

Here's attempt #2 (a complete departure from the pattern; I did my best to interpret the instructions for the proper sizing):

Off, it's really not bad. On, it's awful. Way too wide at the top, too flared at the bottom. Plus it has those awful depressions around the top. On the positive side, it's a decent fit, and the texture and stiffness is right.

Here's #3, a work in progress. Let's hope it works.


Anonymous said...

If you don't put the increases in the same place, you will possibly avoid the points.