Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holiday Knits

I made a trip to the post office last week for stamps, and was pleased to find a nice crafty option. They're perfect for all your thank you notes and belated holiday gifts.


Anonymous said...

HI there,
This is not related to the holiday projects; I have your Crochet to Go cards and am enjoying making the projects. I am a beginner and started with a couple of the number 1 projects. I have started on the lap blanket and am kind of stuck at the beginning as I do my sample swatch. In instruction #1, I understand all of it, except the part after the brackets, "ch3, skip 3 sts, sc into each of next 3sts". After chaining 3, which 3 stitches does one skip? Do you mean the foundation chain? And, then do you sc In this same line, at the beginning of instruction 1, you have "ch3, skip 3 chs, into next ch work 1 group", which is clear, but I just am unclear on the skip 3 sts part as I think we are supposed to work across the chain, so I must be missing something here? I appreciate your response. Thank you.

alicia said...

Your assumption is correct - skip those first three stitches of the foundation chain (the ones closest to your hook). The stitches are the chains. Good luck!