Monday, May 12, 2008

Vacation Bikini

I finished this suit on the second-to-last day of my trip to Mexico. I think I've posted the top before - I made it several years ago, and it's gotten a lot of use. I've resisted making a bottom, primarily from a practicality standpoint. I just wasn't sure it would actually work.

Inspiration came from - of all places - US Weekly and The Superficial. Mena Suvari was featured wearing two different suits, of varying degrees of explicitness. This first one is similar to my final version; I think I'll skip this size.

It actually worked, and was surprisingly comfortable. I used cotton crochet thread and a 2.55 mm hook. I wouldn't recommend using anything larger. The material kept its shape while wet, it just gets a bit stiff. The bottom is worked entirely in sc; the top consists of 6 granny squares sewn together.