Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ribbed Scarf

This is based on a pattern in the Make It Yourself library (a 1970s craft encyclopedia) - a pullover sweater I’ve reduced to a simple scarf. It alternates chain groups with rows of sc worked in the back loop only. For the scarf itself, I used a nubbly yarn that gives it a more textured appearance. The yellow version (a coaster) uses a sport-weight cotton yarn. I think this would be a nice edging for a knit scarf, and potentially placemats as well.


jesska said...

I really like the scarf! I can't wait to start making crochet projects, I'm still kinda learning...

Sandy said...

Love this, very pretty pattern. Pop over from Ghost's page to say hi, congrats on your award.

Doing a little blog walking this am.

welcome mats always out, please stop in for a visit.