Saturday, July 29, 2006

Scalloped Sweater

Here's the promised sweater. I've taken liberties with the use of color and added a scalloped border around the entire garment. As you can see in the photo of the baby, the sweater is intended to just have a few color bands. I've really quite pleased with my brighter version. I'd consider adding an additional button next time and flairing the bottom section to give it more of the appearance of a dress.

Pattern notes (link to pattern):
The rows are very poorly marked; I'd recommend reading through the pattern first and marking the rows involved in each step.

Hook used: 3.25 mm
Yarn used: Coats & Clark Luster Sheen (1 oz. Pure Aqua),
TLC Baby (1 oz. lilac and light green, 2 oz. white)

Next projects: I'm crocheting a grey and black scarf for my grandmother's birthday and a baby bib from a 1950s baby book.