Sunday, August 13, 2006

Apron Blogging

I've mentioned before my love for aprons. I really think they're wonderful, and generally spend several hours a day wearing them. Some people have security blankets; I have a security apron. My boyfriend, Adam, is starting to get with the program, too.

An excerpt from an email he sent from his office on Friday:

"just now, I spilled greasy rice and vegetables and pork down my front. BUT I WAS WEARING MY APRON! I love it. Just folded it and dumped in the trash can. Food rolls off me now like water off a duck."

How funny is that? And it's also a great lead-in to introduce this blog entirely about aprons I just found. It has patterns, links to books, and a monthly contest to make a thematic apron. Somehow I suspect the apron I made out of a vintage Hawaiian shirt is going to finally find an appreciative audience.


carefreecrafter said...

I love my apron(s) too!! I've never crocheted one. They would be too holey for me. I need good coverage cuz the food still tries as hard as possible to land on my clothes. :) I have sewn myself a few and really should sew myself some more. I should have at least one for each day of the week.
I love your handiwork.