Sunday, November 26, 2006

Failed Projects

Today seems to be my day for dealing with failed projects. I just gave up on this shawl, a Christmas gift for my sister. I gave her this blue version a few months back, which she likes a lot. The tan color was a request. Unfortunately, my yarn choice was poor. The ribbon yarn is so much more elegant; the nubbly yarn just looks grandmotherly.

This last picture is the start to a scarf for my mom. I've had it for ages - probably two years now - because I've been unable to find enough yarn to finish the pattern. Thanks to a wonderfully diligent yarn store in the deep South (yet again my local store failed me - darn you Article Pract) I finally was able to officially give up on the project. The yarn, despite the fact that the manufacturer still "offers" it on their website; was pulled out of production 18 months ago.

I think the 2-foot length I've made will make a nice cat blanket.