Sunday, May 27, 2007

Baby Sweater

I'm busy with baby presents these days. I have several pregnant friends, most of whom aren't planning to find out the gender of the child in advance. I think I've said before that I generally find crochet to be a girly medium - patterns that work in fabric, or even knit, often look overly feminine when worked in crochet.

I'm pleased with this latest effort - it's completely gender neutral. The pattern was found in Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies (I simplified the front closure, otherwise it's exactly as written). The styling is very simple, and it should fit for quite some time, depending on how much you roll up the sleeves. I like the slightly open-weave feel of it - I think I might try to modify this into a hoodless cardigan for myself. It would be the perfect coverup for wearing around the house.

Other projects I have going on:
1. A worsted-weight baby quilt based on this pattern. I have neither the time nor the incredible patience needed to pull of the exact result, but even in a looser weave it's looking pretty good.
2. Final modifications on this hat (the brim will stay the same, but the overall hat will be deeper.


shula said...

Dying to see the quilt progress.

You're the first person that I know for a fact has started one.

Fern said...

It seems totally obvious to me now, but I never thought of using white/cream (or other light colored neutrals) for gender-neutral baby gifts. For some reason I had it stuck in my head that a gift for a baby whose sex was unknown had to be a shade of yellow, green, orange or red. Your sweater will look absolutely adorable on either a little girl or a little boy. Thanks for the idea to go color neutral!