Sunday, July 15, 2007

Crochet Finds, July Edition

I have a new trick for grouping multiple images: Mosaic Maker. It's fast and easy tool. And if you're interested in cataloging and grouping in general, this article from Evil Mad Scientist Labs is worth a read.

I'm finding more and more crocheted clothing and accessories out there - the trend definitely isn't dying. Clockwise from upper left:
- Dress from baby gap
- Crocheted clutch from Banana Republic
- Dress from Forever 21
- Top and blanket from Free People
- Bikini from Free People
- Cardigan from Free People
- Top from Forever 21
- Dress from Forever 21


Fern said...

I always wondered how people seemed to whip up a flickr mosaic in what seemed like no time flat...

Lia said...

Really nice ideas: for a variation on dress-making!