Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christmas, Chapter 1

My Christmas project list is starting to come together. It's daunting - I actually had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of everything - but it's starting to come together. The first two hats are done (grey and green, using Berocco's Pure Merino and the pattern mentioned previously). The pink hat I'm keeping for myself. I wasn't loving it during the creation process (too pink!), but I really like it on. It's somehow rosy enough to not be obnoxious, and I love the feel of the yarn. It's from a pattern I bookedmarked back in January: I Like Lemon's Button-Tab Hat. The original is a knitting pattern; I made a crocheted version using one of my basic hat patterns and a single crochet border (worked perpendicularly to the hat and in the back loops only). Very cute on - it's subtle, but nicely decorative. I'll take some more photos of the yarn this weekend in better light. (I've hit that unfortunate part of the year where I'm at work during the daylight hours, and leave and come home in the dark.)