Thursday, January 15, 2009


This project was almost a failure - but I absolutely love it.

I have one New Year's Resolution - I absolutely cannot buy new yarn for every project. Every other project at best, and ideally less than that. My stash has reached unmanageable proportions. This project was one of my "treats" - I ordered the 4 skeins of the recommended yarn (the pattern, "Seduction", is available on

It unfortunately was not nearly enough to complete the scarf - only 9 inches per skein. At $10/skein, well - you can do the math. Really hard to justify. It's also a fairly stiff yarn to use for a scarf. Which led to the gater! Stiffness is a wonderful quality in a gater. I used nearly 2 skeins to finish it. I incorporated one button hole at the top (for cold ski days), and am using a clip-on earring to secure it in the center. Adding a button in the center would work well too, but I liked the look of the earring.


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This is really cute, I just love it!