Friday, January 30, 2009

Star Coaster

Originally uploaded by aliciamalia.

Digital photography is so pivotal to my crafting experience (documenting, cataloging, organizing) that I often forget that my earliest crafting predates owning a digital camera. It's hard for me to pinpoint when exactly I started, but I think it was roughly Fall 2000, potentially 2001. It was definitely Fall, and I bought my first ball of yarn at Skein Lane in Berkeley (now defunct).

I keep very few things I make. At this point, my boyfriend has more hats than I do. I have 3 scarfs, 3 or 4 pieces from the Crochet to Go Deck I can't bear to part with, and a handful of odds and ends. Everything else (probably 25 projects a year) is immediately gifted or goes into the gift bin.

I ran across a photo album with actual film photographs of my first projects the other day. They're terrible - out of focus, dark, badly framed. I'm going to try to reshoot them, where possible, and remake the projects if needed. Here's the first - a star coaster, my first ever project crocheted in the round.


Bindu said...

I love the coaster you made!!!It is really wonderful.